Our pediatricians care for the wellness of children aged 0-14.



Our pediatrician is a medical specialist who manages the health of your child, including physical, behavioral, mental and emotional health issues. The primary focus of the pediatrician is on preventive health care. Our services include, but are not limited to detection of growth, development and health of children aged 0-14 years, and the prevention and diagnosis of pediatric diseases. AT ONE Clinic’s pediatrician is expertly trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases, such as hand-foot-mouth disease, of children aged 0-14 years. We take a holistic view of your child’s wellness, and believe that all structure and function in the human body are interrelated, and cannot be taken out of the context of the workings of the child’s mind as well as his lifestyle habits and stressors.

AT ONE Clinic integrates modern pediatric care with Eastern healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine. Our goal is to enable your child to achieve balance and harmony, stimulating self-healing and self-regulation. This approach to wellness is taken for routine children’s health issues including minor illnesses, injuries, pain, repeated vomiting and diarrhea that last for more than a few hours, rash, fever, cough or cold; Cuts that might need stitches, limping, ear pain with fever, unable to sleep or drink, sore throat, problems swallowing, persistent pains in the abdomen or stomach, to name just a few instances when you should consult our pediatrician.

Our certified pediatrician has special training in children's health, and because she only sees children in her practice, has accumulated a lot of experience in recognizing and treating childhood illnesses. If your child was born early or has a health condition that needs close monitoring, our pediatrician may offer more specialized care. Taking on a functional medicine approach, our pediatrician’s expertise is complemented by expertise given by our resident family physician, dietician, exercise and rehab experts, physiotherapist and life coach, who are all on staff to care for the physical, emotional and social health of your infants, children and adolescents.