Family Medicine

Full service medical diagnosis and holistic care for the entire family.


Family Medicine

AT ONE Clinic’s family medicine believes in integrative medical practice which helps the patient discover and understand the root causes of their health challenges and to guide them on their journey to optimal wellness. Our family physician is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments in patients of all ages, providing personalized and comprehensive health care for individuals and families. Our medical doctors provide examination, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and injuries, the treatment of non-life-threatening diseases, the early detection and referral to specialized care of patients, and preventive care including health advice and immunization.

Our approach to family medicine takes into consideration the biological, psychological and lifestyle factors relevant to each patient's illness. Our philosophy embraces the workings of the mind, your way of thinking and its effects on the body. AT ONE Clinic’s family physician works in consultation with our other medical specialists, such as our resident pediatrician, cardiologist and gynecologist while also working closely with internationally-certified experts including our resident Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda doctors, nutritionist, fitness and rehab experts, physiotherapist and life coach, to promote a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to the health of the entire family.

At AT ONE Clinic our family physician can address all aspects of your health using a variety of wellness practices, practices which seeks to heal the root cause of the condition, not just alleviating its symptoms. From treating common coughs and colds, to aches and pain, rashes, infections, bowel irregularities, digestion problems, to managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, our family physician is also qualified to help you throughout a pregnancy, perform minor surgical procedures, such as freezing a wart or draining an abscess, and the list goes on. When you need to see a specialist for heart disease, cancer or any other serious concerns, a family doctor can help find someone who fits your specific needs.