Take Heart

Our Cardiology Program takes an integrative approach to your heart’s health.

Program Details

Take Heart

This cardiology-centered program takes an integrative approach to your heart’s health. Although our main focus is coronary heart disease detection and prevention, our cardiologist and team of experts will be on hand to take care of patients with related cardiovascular disorders. The holistic heart care program includes cardiovascular risk factor assessment, screening and early intervention, comprehensive management of hypertension, and other coronary issues. Our cardiologist works closely with other experts including our nutritionist, fitness experts, physiotherapist and life coach, to promote a multi-disciplinary approach to cardiovascular health.


  • Your personalized medical team will go through a complete cardiac profile and risk assessment taking a complete view of your present cardiovascular health
  • You will receive a comprehensive assessment designed to look at all risk factors associated with heart disease and learn how an integrative approach can benefit you and your heart
  • Comprehensive cardiological screening
  • Comprehensive laboratory tests
  • Optimal diet and nutrition plan customized for you by our team of wellness experts
  • 3 X 60 Minute Life Coach Consultation for patient education and counseling related to lifestyle changes such as nutrition, exercise and stress management
  • Follow up consultation with your assigned cardiologist for reassessment
  • Prescription of supplements for up to 3 months