Spinal Alignment

A Spinal Health Program that works towards a pain-free back.

Program Details

Spinal Alignment

A spinal health program that works towards a healthy spine in just five weeks: the benefits of spinal alignment range from temporary pain relief to long term wellness and preventive care. This program focuses on the restoration of the normal function of the spine and the central nervous system, reflecting our belief in the therapeutic and health-enhancing effect of correcting spinal abnormalities. Our entire team of experts is tapped for this program and you will benefit from the specialist care of our rehabilitation therapist, chiropractor, traditional Chinese medicine doctor, life coach, and dietitian, ensuring the best treatment for back problems.


  • Your personalized medical team will take you through a comprehensive spinal and physical assessment
  • You will receive a comprehensive diagnosis along with a treatment plan to enhance prevention and recovery 
  • Specialist One-on-One Consultations with: Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, and TCM doctor
  • Radiology and Imaging Scans as needed, including X-Ray, Thermography Scan, Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • 5 X 60 Minute sessions with the Chiropractor
  • 15 X 60 Minute sessions with the Physiotherapist
  • 10 X 60 Minute sessions for acupuncture/ cupping
  • Follow up consultation with your assigned doctor for reassessment