Optimal Woman

A comprehensive program that addresses all the issues of women’s health.

Program Details

Optimal Woman

The goal of the women's health program is to address wellness issues that commonly affect women throughout their lives. In this program, we introduce activities and therapies that not only prevent disease but also improve the psychological and physical wellbeing of female patients. We provide an integrative approach to women's care, including preventive gynecological exam, screening and treatment, and pelvic rehabilitation as required, cervical cancer screening, treatment of menstrual dysfunction, gynecological problems and infections and management of menopausal changes. 


  • A comprehensive assessment designed to look at all the risk factors associated with diseases specific to women
  • Specialist Consultations: One-on-One consultation with Gynecologist, Radiologist, Physiotherapist and Dermatologist
  • Specialist scans including Gynecology Exam, Thermography Scan, Ultrasound, skin analysis
  • Treatments for gynecological disease, hormonal imbalance, pelvic floor function, skin condition, laser care, IV therapy, and physiotherapy
  • 2 X 60 Minute Life Coach Consultation for patient education and counseling related to lifestyle changes such as nutrition, exercise and stress management
  • Optimal diet and nutrition plan customized for you by our team of wellness experts
  • Follow up consultation with your assigned gynecologist for reassessment
  • Prescription of supplements for up to 3 months